Monday, March 16, 2009


I'm a lurker, which everyone knows. But today I got a shout out from one whom I lurk.

See here. I'm "S". :)

Do you have any idea how cool that is? She and I don't even know each other. I've been reading her for a year and then last December I emailed her when I wasn't able to comment on her blog and asked her some questions. She posted the questions which led my running partner, SG, to email her asking for my email so we could run together. And the rest is history.

I'm so stoked. :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Irishman over-Half Marathon

So today was the Irishman in honor of St. Patty's Day here in town. Normally the Irishman consists of a 5 mile, 5K, and 1 mile race. You run these and they give you your times for each and then an overall time at the end. You also get a finisher certificate and another t-shirt. The things I do for beer and t-shirts.

So Karen and Jen were coming down for the Irishman with me, Sarah was going to run the 5K and Joey was coming down for that too. So I opened up my home so we could meet up and walk to the starting lines. I live right in the middle of them so this seemed smart and economical on my part. We could walk there, warm up, and we wouldn't have to deal with parking.

Well, I'm about .8 of a mile from the starting line. We walked this road 5 times, plus another little stretch (.7) to the start of the mile. So another 4.7 miles on top of the 9.2 we already ran. That's 14 miles we covered today. And we were going to walk to the bar where the awards ceremony was happening but we were running late so we drove instead.

I wasn't ready for 14 miles today. OMG. That hurt. And I'm really tired. I was going to go see "Milk" tonight, but I think I'm going to stay home and rest on my couch instead.

Wow. It was an intense day but a lot of fun. I'm really glad Karen and Jen came down to run it with me. If I had had to do that alone, that would have really sucked.