Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A revised plan

I found out a week ago that I probably won't be able to run TCM this year due to a major work training that weekend. Which sucks. This would have been year 5 and I really wanted to run it to beat my time from 2009. I know I can do it, but running a marathon this fall in under 5 (my goal) will be not quite the same.

So I'm looking for another race. It might be Mankato. It might be something else. I just don't know.

I did sign up for the GoFar challenge with the Fargo Marathon in May. I'll be running a 5K the Friday night then the full marathon on Saturday AM. Mike thinks I'm crazy, and I might be, but I'm also looking forward to the challenge. Plus - 3 medals! One for the 5K, one for the marathon and one for completing the challenge. That part makes me excited. It's all about the medals.

But then I need to come up with something for fall. Mike wants me to run SF's. But the route sucks ass. Flat and open with no shade. I've ran that route before and it's awful. The half is much better.

So a fall marathon...that's what I'm looking for. Or a miracle that I don't have to be at work in October.

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