Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Half Marathon recap

Sunday, September 12, I ran the SF Half Marathon again. It was awesome. The weather was perfect (almost got a little too warm), the course was new, and the people were great.

I haven't been training like I did last year, so I was hoping for a time equivalent or better to Brookings back in May (3 hours). Of course withe my 3-tier goal process it was basically this:

I want 2:30
I'll accept 2:45
No slower than 3:00

I ended up with 2:47:57. I can live with that.

The funny thing was that my legs felt great. I could have kept running with the legs I had, but my back was killing me! I don't know if it was a stress problem or the fact I had completed my fitness test for work (with pushups and situps) on Friday. It was weird. My whole shoulders and back just got stiff and sore. There was so much pressure I felt like I had to lean forward. So I'd walk so I could straighten up and stretch, then ran again.

So if I can keep my back upright the marathon in 3 weeks should go well, right? I probably won't get the 5:21 I had last year, but I should be able to stay under 6.

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