Sunday, September 5, 2010

Running catchup

I have been running! Really, I have. My Dailymile log can prove it.

While I was in Alabama I ran once - once. That was sad, and painful. 4 miles at 94% humidity and 100 degree weather. Not fun. And it wiped me out the rest of the week.

But last week I got going. I walked 2 miles on Tuesday afternoon to get my legs working again.

Wednesday AM I ran 3
Thursday AM I ran 3
Friday AM I ran 4
Saturday AM I ran 7.5...on gravel...with hills...with MS pushing me. :)

20 miles this week. It's good to take today as a rest day, though the weather was gorgeous this morning so I really did want to. But my knees probably are thanking me. Or they will when I ice again tonight.

It's great to be running again. I didn't realize how much I missed it. I'm excited for my races coming up - a half on Sunday and a marathon in 4 weeks. The times this year will probably be rough but this has been a rough year. I'm excited to run them and finish. That's the goal. And of course, the medal. :)

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