Sunday, October 10, 2010


So I'm in recovery mode this week and easing slowly back into running again. I'm still not happy with my performance last week. Not at all. well, a little - I'm glad I "finished" but to go 30 minutes slower than last year is eating me up. I know I didn't train as well as last year, I know this. But it bugs me. Why didn't I? I've done 4 marathons now, I know what to expect, I know what's going to happen so why didn't I train better? I don't know and I'm really annoyed with myself.

So I've been reading The Marathon Method, by Tom Holland. E had suggested I run the Austin marathon with him and Scott February 20, 2011. Well, by my calculations, I have a couple weeks to get back to "normal" and then 16 weeks to get ready - right on track with this book. It has pretty good reviews. I've read half and I'm now to the training programs. I need to read those very carefully so I make sure I follow them. I'm excited about this and though my knee is still hurting at times, I think this is something I need to do to redeem myself.

Today while I'm baking a pie and attempting a baking surprise (a cake shaped like a pumpkin) for KC and MB and their kids, I'm watching "The Spirit of the Marathon". Watching them run the Chicago marathon today (when the 10-10-10 Chicago marathon is actually going on) makes me excited. I should be out running's gorgeous...but my knees are twinging. So I'm running in spirit instead.

Soon. And I think Austin is on the horizon.

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