Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yoga rocks

Today was Yoga X and, while I can't do most of the moves and felt pretty pathetic when, during one of the moves, I bent over and saw my belly flab shadow on the floor - ew, this day rocks.

The bad thing is that the disc is 92 minutes for me to get it done in time to shower and get to work on time I had to get up today at 4:20 to start by 4:30.

Boss2 did come up with another option today. We have workout time scheduled in the day - 30 minutes - that we can take either at the beginning of the day, with lunch, or at the end. Well, the rules are that workouts are supposed to start and end on base. He suggested I get my runs in during the morning (or P90X) like I normally do, but get to work by 6:45 (our start time). Then go to the gym and do some stretching and such, shower and be to work by 7:15. All is "groovy" and copecetic as long as I do a little bit at work and I come in sweaty. It might even help if I come in a little before 6:45.

I think he offered this up because the last few days I have been working out in the AM (and he wants to continue to encourage me to do that) but it makes me have to get up super early if I need to get everything done before I arrive. I just have to shower and dress at work.

This might be a good option. I need to trim my hair so it doesn't take so long to get ready in the morning, and I think I want to shower at the gym instead of in our normal locker room. This should work. Tomorrow will be the test.

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