Monday, January 5, 2009

Day one

I'm not going to number these days because I know I'll get all confused after about 5.

SG and I ran tonight 2.5 downtown. It was a nice run, though windy at first as we headed into it. That didn't help my lungs too much and since we had taken four days off we were both huffin' a little. Of course, I let her set the pace and we ran a lot faster than I think we do or should but her rationale was, "The faster we go, the sooner we get done."

Truer words are never spoken and I'm adamant that there is no shame in walking, so we did walk a couple blocks throughout.

The run back was better since we were finally warm and the wind was at our back. We do get a slight hill in on this route which is good too. And we're going tomorrow.

Keith - I didn't get a step count tonight because I forgot your watch and it was just too damn cold. Plus I know we weren't running right. I will tomorrow.

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