Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nice run

Okay, I know it's all 25 degrees out and there's a bit o' wind chill, but I was actually WARM tonight running.

I skipped my solo long run this afternoon since I needed to run some errands and I watched the inauguration all morning. So I decided I'd run to the park to meet SG, run our 2.5, and then run home. I figured it'd be around 5 miles, but I don't know if I measured wrong or what.

Then I decided to run a bit more more so I ran to the park, about a mile or so, ran the 2.5 with SG, then ran 1.25 (the first half of our run, then another .5 or so. So that should be only 5.25 but when I put it into map my run it ends up being about 6.8, which I'm dropping off at least .3 because it's following the roads and I don't follow the roads. I'm going to have to try this again because it's just not working right. hmmm

Anyway...however far I ran it felt really good. SG and I need to pick our pace up a bit because it took us 36 minutes to run the 2.5 and I know we can go faster. I know there's no shame in running but sometimes I just want to go...run fast! But I also remember how I felt two short years ago when I started running and how sucky that felt so I'm giving her a break. I'm going to push her harder next month though. I know we can do it; I'm just being nice right now.

Okay...back to map my run and I'm going to try this again. If it changes I'll let you know.


  1. "Just being nice right now" - LOL! That's funny... get them hooked with the friendship angle and then turn into the drill sergeant!

  2. I think SG is starting to wonder. I allowed her to walk tonight, but for shorter stretches of the route. We finished faster which did make her happy but we're nowhere near where I want us to be, or think we can be. We'll get there. :)