Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's mime time!

Does anyone else remember that? From Animaniacs? Love that show.

Yes, I'm a mime when I run...at least that's what I thought until I got home tonight and realized I look more like a thug than a mime. I wear black pants, black jacket and thug-like black stocking cap, but white gloves and shoes. Well when I got home and looked at me in the mirror I suddenly realized why the couple walking on the bridge by the river took off rather quickly when I came toward them.

Oh well. I had a great run tonight. SG and I ran 2.5 and it felt great. Then we were talking about taking tomorrow off and I kept looking off to the other trail. SG says, "You're going to go more aren't you." Not a question, she could totally read my mind.

So I went for another half mile just to check out the trail. We've been running the downtown route because it's been well-lit and since we run at night we thought this would be best. But I'm getting bored with it so I want to increase our options.

The only problem with this route is there's limited lighting in a few places, so tomorrow on our rest day I'm going to buy a Maglite. I figure that will help with our lighting problems as well as providing a weapon if needed. But I don't think we'll need it. It's so cold, no one is outside.

So again, Keith - no step count. It's hard to function a watch with dual gloves on. :(

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