Thursday, January 1, 2009

Log One

So I decided I needed a place to just write about my running. I'm truly addicted which is not a good thing, or maybe it is and I just haven't fully admitted that yet.

It's 2009 and my goals are to run the following:

St. Patty's 5K - March 17, 2009
Avera 5K - May 9, 2009 (part of tapering for next week)
Brookings Marathon - May 16, 2009
SF Half? Maybe - September 2009
Twin Cities Marathon - Oct 4, 2009
World Run Day - November 2009
Thanksgiving Day 5K - November 2009

And maybe a few others in the middle.

I have a new running partner, SG, and her goals are much different than mine. She's looking to run the St. Patty's 5K (her first in awhile), the Avera 5K, and then a 10K in September. She and I talked this morning and I'm going to run with her, if nothing else but to get me out. I'm a great procrastinator, as we all know, so having someone to account to and help get me out will be needed. But then after our run I'll go off on my own.

So here we go! I'm really excited for this year. 2009 will be my year for running. I can't wait. I started off with 4 miles with SG this morning. We walked a lot but still finished in under an hour. I think our average was a 14 minute mile which is a little slow, but we're both getting back into the sync of running.

I should be out again right now since it's almost 40 degrees out, but I think I'm going to just rest since we're running again tomorrow.

This will probably be a bit of a boring log, but if nothing else, it'll help me.

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  1. My regular running pals have very different running goals from mine this year too. It should make for some interesting challenges in training, but I would never give up my time with them either!

    Looks like a fun schedule!