Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rough course

Today SG and I ventured to her running area. She usually starts around mile marker 7 and then runs a couple miles out and a couple back. That was fine. I was up for 4 today.

That was until we ran around the first bend and the path wasn't cleared hardly at all. Granted most of the main drifts were off to the side so there was at least a semi-path, but so much ice and at spots thick snow.

That just wore us both out. And as we're walking I'm realizing we haven't run since Wednesday, and Friday afternoon I ate Ritz bits with cheese and a bunch of Twizzlers, and I missed breakfast that morning. All these factors just wiped me out. So the run was a more than a little rough.

Tomorrow, thank God!, is a new day and a new month. We're going to run again in the morning since it's supposed to get windier and some big football game is going to be on.

And I need to be running every day this week. No more excuses! And to add to my focus, I signed up for Brooks tracking thing. Should be good. I need some motivation. Brookings is coming up quicker than I realize.

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  1. Keep up the good work. I'll let you know about Stillwater. I expect it will be beautiful.