Thursday, January 22, 2009

Still went

SG canceled this afternoon due to her friends' moms' death.

This was not a good thing. Of course death isn't hardly ever good, but today I really needed to have someone waiting for me because I was not having a good day. These late nights caught up with me today. I was more pms-y today than I ever am during an actual pms week.

The whole way home I kept trying to talk myself into running. "Don't not go, Moe. You'll regret it." "You're not going to have another 34 degree day for a long time. Relish it." "At least go for a little while, you need to do something." "Just run, Moe. Just run."

This went on the whole 15 minute drive home, the 5 minute walk to my apartment, 2 more minutes while I called Debbie to see if she could talk me into it (she wasn't there). After a nice 10 minute crying jag while I was getting dressed, I finally went out.

I only ran 2.25, but I rarely walked. My time was 25:26, which isn't great, but I had to stop for a few stop lights, and took a 2 minute 1 block break while I walked and stretched in the middle.

I will admit, that after I ran I felt better. It was good to get out because I know that the next few days are going to suck, weather-wise.

And maybe I'm just getting to the point where I can't stay up late anymore and I have to run every day or I won't function well. I think I'm almost there. That'll be good for my continuing marathon training. I need to need to run.

now if only Spring would actually show up.

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