Saturday, January 10, 2009

Okay...this is the last time.

I skipped yesterday - but that was planned, sort of. SG was going to skip and when it started snowing really bad I thought it'd be better if I skipped too.

But today! OH! Today...I should have gone out. But my back has been hurting again - I slept wrong. It was my own fault and I should have used moist heat but the day kind of got away from me.

So when SG texted and said she wanted to bail today I took it and ran - just not literally. I decided to just go home after work and relax. It turned out to be good, I think, though I haven't run since Tuesday and that's not a good thing.

But it's early in training so I'm hoping this won't affect me too much. This was my downfall last year. I signed up for the marathon and then wasn't able (or just didn't) run enough during the winter and spring so I wasn't ready in May.

And yesterday I signed up for the Irishman - this will be for the Saturday before St. Patty's day. I'll run the 5M, 5K and 1M races. I know I won't win the Leprechaun Shoe trophy but it will be something new for me to attempt. Now I just hope I don't screw up my training by taking all this time off. (Even if I am sick).

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