Saturday, January 3, 2009


There are moments in my life when I really really hate where I live. today is one of them. SG and I were going to run at noon today, but she just wrote and said the roads/sidewalks/driveways are really slick from the freezing drizzle we've had. She and her puppy even slipped, so she wants to not go out today. And I can't run tomorrow because I have family things going on.

I don't want to skip today. I need to get out, but I'm worried that now that she's backed out I won't get motivated enough to go. I think around 1 it'll be okay, but right now it's icky.

This is also the moment where I really wish I had been paying better attention when I bought YakTrax at REI...because stupidly I bought the walking ones, not the Pro ones, so I'm very hesitant about trying to run in them. I need to give them to mom and get some of the Pros, but I'm also trying to really curb my spending on frivolous things.

So if anyone is out there, please send some advice or motivation. I'm going to go shower and wake up and hopefully that'll help.

This is not a good start to the year. :(


  1. In the most recent issue of Women's Running magazine, Coach Jenny Hadfield recommends the walking YakTrax over the Pro version because she said she feels lighter with them. Maybe give them a try on a short run. Perhaps it wasn't a stupid purchase, but a fortuitous one that will work for you (and save you money, since the walking ones are usually cheaper!)

    And a shower usually helps with most things! Cheers! Hope today is better!

  2. Thanks, Jill! I will try them. My trainer was really bummed when I showed him which ones I had purchased. He's all about the Pro ones. Hmmm. I will definitely give them a try and see if they work out.

    Today is flippin' cold, and I wasn't going to run today anyway. My niece and nephew had a thing this morning at church I was supposed to attend and my friends Sarah and Eric are in town this afternoon. Tomorrow I may go twice. :)