Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fabulous Meme

Jill posted her 5 addictions today. In honor of her nose dive this weekend, which she did with grace and poise, I shall post my addictions:

1. Blogging. Duh. I have three blogs right now that I post on. I have 70 blogs I check every night and another 30 I check once a week because those writers don't update as often. I also have another dozen or so which are just running blogs that I check once a week or so as well.

2. Diet Coke with Splenda. I can drink other diet sodas, but Diet Coke with Splenda is my absolute favorite. Sadly it isn't sold in this part of the state, but happily Deaner is willing to pick it up when he's on the west side of the state for work. He's such a doll. I don't know what I'll do if he ever retires. I really think Diet Coke should have an online ordering system, but that's just me.

3. Lists. I love to make lists. I will make lists of what I need to do for the day. If I have already completed some tasks before making my list, I will put those tasks on the list so I can cross them off. I'm not good at prioritizing, but I do love to make the lists.

4. Baking. I love to bake cookies and pie. These are truly my two favorites and I do them well. I wish I could eat more of what I make. But then I'd balloon up and since I like to run, I can't do that.

5. Chicken. I eat chicken every day - either before or after. Meaning, I will eat eggs or chicken itself at least once a day if not twice and often three times. I love chicken. I once told my bosses to not worry about the bird flu because I would totally be one of the first to go. Of course then one of my bosses said I've probably built up an immunity and I'd be the only one who'd survive.

I know we're only supposed to write five, but here's one more because it is really close to the top and the purpose of this blog:
6. Running. Duh. My friends get annoyed I think about how much I talk about running - my races, my splits, my pacing, my diet, my training, my struggles. Man, if I were my friends I would hate me, but I love me and that's all that matters. :)


  1. I also enjoy baking, especially bread. My plan was that during the week after the marathon I would take the week off from running and bake all the bread recipes I haven't had time to try. However, since I fell (I love that "poise and grace" comment, that makes me feel totally awesome!) my hands are hamburger and I can't really knead bread.

  2. That's sad...because really the only way to make good bread is to knead the hell out of it. My Home Ec teacher in high school said her daughters would always comment how they never saw their parents fight but they always had a lot of bread around. :)

    If I could, I would bake you a bunch of bread. Of course that defeats the purpose of you doing the baking. Hmmm...I'll figure something out.