Monday, January 12, 2009

Very thankful

I'm very thankful that there are 18 weeks until the Brookings marathon because if it was in 16 or 12 and I was dealing with this weather and lack of opportunity to be outside running would truly suck.

I should have run this morning. I said this, "I should be running" all morning on my way to work. It was semi-warm and not too much wind. But I had made plans to get to work and get the bios done and some other stuff for work.

Of course 2 hours into my work it starts snowing and blowing horribly and now we're in a blizzard watch or something. And I didn't get a run in. I'm going on almost a week without running.

I'm not too worried because there have been other times where I've missed a week, and since the marathon is still 18 weeks away I should be okay. But it's frustrating nonetheless.

I do want to run, so I may have to suck it up and land on the dreadmill tomorrow. God help me.

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